Saturday, January 12, 2013

Some new layouts and a test...

I have been working on some other layouts. Still Duncan's first year book. Having lots of fun going through these "old" photos. Remembering things and well, just going back to memory lane, hahahaha. I thinks it is one of the benefits of being home now. Besides looking for a new job I can spend time on this and take my mind of things.

This one is just all pictures I took at Dick Bruna's house in Utrecht. If you have little kids and they are in to Nijntje (Miffy) you should really pay them a visit.
One of the first beautiful days that year. We got to sit outside and enjoy the sun.
An experiment and I really love this. Got an artsy feeling and I can see myself doing more of these.
Well that's it for today. Hope to be back with more layouts and news soon.

Friday, January 11, 2013


I would love to make an alpha book for Duncan one day. I know it will be a lot of work, but Kelly now has  the perfect templates for me. Check them out:

Image is linked, if it is not working, click here.
Kit I used besides the templates is It's Magical Grabbag from Britt Design.
Layout is about Duncan wearing a Mickey Mouse outfit with ears and a tail.
Kit I used here is Olive Tree from Zinnias and Swallowtails.
Duncan taking a bath, still his favorite time of the day, except it is a shower now.
There will be more soon. Hope blogger will be back to it's normal self then :)

Back to normal...

Vacation is over, Duncan is back to school, Lex is back to work and me, well I am still home and finding myself a new ritme, LOL. Had some layouts done last week and enjoyed spending time with Duncan and my mom and dad.

Went to the movies (Wreck it Ralph), went to visit some family, went to breakfast and visited a new born baby. Lots of fun things. Layouts will follow soon I am sure of that. But for now some other layouts. If you want to know which kit I used just send me a message and I will get back to you with information asap. (sorry for this, Blogger is working against me at the moment and searching and linking is taking up a lot, and I mean a lot of time)

Christmas Dinner at school. He had so much fun.
A "Sinterklaas" party at his soccer club. They all got a ball at the end.
With his best friend and our neighbours son Lucas.
His first Christmas :)
Not a month old and his first fireworks, LOL.
Our sweet little angel.
When Duncan was little I loved taking photos of his feet. Look at those tiny shoes.
My perfect boy.
With his furry friend Boris.
Loved this picture then and still love it now!
As you can see I am working on some old photos. I want to finish Duncan's first book this year, that is my goal. He loves to see his own pictures and needs them in books. There is more to come in the next few days, so keep coming back. And remember if you want to know something about the kits I used just ask.

Monday, December 31, 2012

I told you...

...I would be back soon, LOL. Last week Kelly asked me if I was ready to do some layouts for her again. I told her to send them my way and she did. She made the most amazing and helpfull layouts for your Project Life or Project 365 in the year 2013. She made the templates specially for Instagram pictures but you can use them with any picture I am sure of that.

Here is the preview of her kit
image is linked, if it is not working click here.

My first layout is with Instagram Pictures from our recent trip to Disneyland Paris. We had such a great time and I am glad I was there for their 20th anniversary. We stayed at Davy Crocket Ranch, went to Buffalo Bill's Wild West show, saw Mickey Mouse and enjoyed the Dream show on the Castle.

We kept Duncan from school, sssttt don't tell his teacher, LOL. He did not know we were going and was really surprised at first. Later on he told us he knew we were going. He told us earlier, hahahaha.
I used:
Simple Kelly Design template #4 from the InstaWeek Templates 1-5.
Becky Higgins Project Life Turquoise Digital Edition.

My second layout is about a daytrip to a Dutch amusement park called "de Efteling". We had such an amazing day together with my parents. It was my first time I did not take my DSRL. Lex stayed home he had to work that day. So glad for Instagram and mobile internet access. I posted some of my pictures I made on Instagram and Facebook so he could follow us during our day.

These are some of these pictures and they show a bit of our day. Love seeing Duncan do the same things I did there when I was little. Listening to the music from the Gnome-houses, going to the FairyTale-woods, he loved the "Raveleijn"-show and the watershow at the end.

I used:
Simple Kelly Design template #2 from the InstaWeek Templates 1-5.
Ange Design kit Clic.

I am so behind on Duncan's yearbooks and I hope to keep up this year and work on the previous years too. He would love to have his babybook, LOL.

Well I hope to be back soon. Be sure to check out Kelly Store, she has some amazing things in there.

This will be my last post for this year. Hope you all have a wonderful evening, watch out when you play with fireworks :) Will be here again soon in the new year to show you more of my layouts. Thanks for being here and be patience with me while I was gone. Hope to be back to stay, that is one of my New Years Resolutions, LOL.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Duncan's last...

...soccerpractice of the year 2012.

Duncan started soccer this year. I know I told everybody he had to get his swimming diploma first, but that seems to take a bit longer then we thought. So after the summer vacation there was a note at school saying kids that were not 6 yet could start practicing. Duncan and his dad were really enthousiastic so I said yes.

Because Winter has started and they say it is to cold outside, at the beginning of December training stopped. But just before the Christmas vacation we got an e-mail from one of his trainers saying they would have an indoor training. Of course he wanted to join that.

This training was last Friday and he had so much fun there. It was for an hour and he ran that whole hour. Did not score but had some good assists, LOL.

This layout is about the question if Duncan is right- or left footed. We also thought he was left footed and so does he trainer. But he surprised us last Friday when his first shot was with left and the second one with right. So who knows maybe he will be famous one day because he can shoot with both, :)

For this layout I used kits from my sweet friend Janet Carr.
She does not have a store at the moment, but you can follow
her on her wonderful blog. She even throws in a
freebie every now and then.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Hope all these new layouts...

...mean that my MOJO is back. I really need scrapping to keep me sane. And somewhere along the way I lost track. Enjoyed scrapping last week when Duncan was at school. Between activities for school and well just everyday stuff I managed to make some layouts and I am so happy with that. It has been way to long, but I have been talking about that in my last post.

Here is my first layout I made:
Layout about Duncan's 6th birthday with 6 things about him at this age (his friends, his favorite teacher, nicest thing to do at school, favorite movie, most beautiful book and the thing he loves to eat most, LOL).
The kit I used for this layout is from Jen Martakis:
This is Duncan schoolpicture, also made the page that goes with it, his classpicture, but will not post that because of all the other kids and I don't think the parents will appreciate it.
For this layout I also used a kit from Jen Martakis:
this also has the matching:

Duncan celebrated his last birthday at daycare last year when he turned 5. We did not know then that it would be his last one. He enjoyed it so much and he was so happy with Miranda, Carola and Albertina who where there almost every day.
Also used a Jen Martakis kit here:
this also has the matching:

A layout from last winter. There was snow and ice and lots of fun every day. This is Duncan playing with a friend in the snow. Down hill and ending on the ice. My dad is the one pushing them. The QR codes are little movies from them on that day having fun.
For this layout I used a kit from Tracy Martin:
You can also buy it all seperate:

It was a cold day and we were getting ready to go to school. Duncan was in a real hurry. He wanted to go to the snow and ice and to some sliding before going to school. So there I was in the early mornings on the ice. He had so much fun all by himself on the ice. I had to shoot some photos of him and scrap them, LOL.
For this layout I used a kit from Tracy Martin:
You can also buy it all seperate:

This is a picture from January 1st 2012. It is around 01.00 and we were at our neighbours house. This year we will be there again to celebrate New Years Eve. Lets hope we can make a picture like this again.
For this layout I used a kit from Bellisae, I bought it at but her shop is not there anymore. You can find here store at: . But this kit is not there :(

Each year there is a sepcial week about reading books with kids in Holland. At Duncan's school they do a special bookreading breakfast. I got to read to some of his friend in his class and eat with them. So special to share this together. I love doing things like this with my boy.
For this layout I used a kit from Tracy Martin. It is not in her store anymore, but who knows maybe she will bring it back one day. But check out her store, she has lots of gorgeous other things there.
You can find her store at

I don't like myself on a picture. But I think and hope my boy does :) These pictures are from Christmas Day last year. I so love the faces he makes.
For this layout I used a kit from Jen Martakis:

And my last layout for this time. We were in Disneyland Paris this December. No snow but really cold and Disney always makes sure you have some sort of snow, LOL. Duncan loved these characters and really wanted to get pictures of them. I love the shot of my boy in front of them :).
For this layout I used another Jen Martakis kit:
You can also buy it all seperate:

Well that's it for now. Hope to do some designing tomorrow. Some fun new stuff to play with, hope to show you soon.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Life took over :(

I was so full of ideas for projects and stuff at the beginning of the year. You don't have to read that far back to see it all. I started Project Life together with my sweet friend Janet, we also started OLW and 52weeks at O'Scraps. It will not surprise you if I told you I did not finish one of them :( It all makes me very sad. My PL-album is laying on my diningroom table and I am certain I will finish this year one day. The first three months look great and we all love the book. As for my OLW, I will do my course again this year, with the same prompts just a different word. My word for this year was commitment and I was, well I had the intention untill my life took over.

As you all know I was a working mom, 4 days in the week I was away doing my out of home job. Because of the economic crisis all changed and I am now a stay at home mom. I love being home with my boy and he loves me being home (well don't know about that, but he loves bringing friends over, now he can, LOL) but this is not what I wanted. I loved my job and I love working with people and all of a sudden I am standing at school waiting for my sweet boy to come.

I am getting in the swing of being home. Finished my vacation book about our trip to Orlando (DisneyWorld). We have great times when Duncan's friends come over. And I am looking for a new job. Not 4 days but 3. Yeah I have learned that I love being home with my boy and being his mom, so I don't have to work 4 days. I can do with 3, LOL.

It is December now and I am ready for some changes now. I have picked up digital scrapping again, have made some decisions about my health and am certain I am gonna finish my projects. Here is my first page I did in a long time:
Made this one with Jen Martakis' wonderful digital kits: 5798_MerryBright kit and 5781_MerryBright Cardstock. You can find them in her store at TwoPeas, also check out her blog.

I want to make more pages, but first Christmas, LOL. We have relatives over for two days, that will be lots of food, fun and laughter. I hope to update here on a more regular basis with new layouts, new stories about me and my boys and maybe stuff that keeps my thinking or busy!

Hope to be back soon. Of to check on my boy and one of his friends :)